Understanding What Full Funeral Services Mean

When a funeral home offers full services, you wonder just what exactly to expect. It is not really complicated, as full funeral services usually mean the same thing across reputable funeral homes. To know whether you are dealing with a top-notch company, here are some of the services you should look from them.

Assistance with Important Documents

A reputable funeral home should not just focus on the actual funeral services. There are a lot of important documents that should be prioritized, such as documents needed to claim insurance, veteran’s benefits, and social security benefits. Grief can, after all, render people weak and hopeless. Assistance in acquiring and processing these important documents should come from the place they are already coordinating with.

Commemorative DVDs

DVDs and photos that relive and celebrate both the life and death of the deceased loved one should be included in the services. While the funeral proceedings may be some of the most excruciating parts of life, relatives and friends would want to be reminded later on just how they were at that particular point and how they have chosen to focus not just on the loss but also on the life that they have cherished and enjoyed being a part of.

Composing the obituaries

Since relatives and friends are already dealing with the funeral home, they should also be able to request obituaries written about their dearly departed. Through the grief counseling service offered by the home, family can already talk about the details that they want added to the obituary.

Coordinating with clergy

Funeral servicesFuneral services should include coordinating with the clergy about schedules, sermon, program, and the like. Family could request the schedule and the rest of the details but the funeral home is in charge of the legwork.

Dove Releases

Not all funerals have dove releases. Some people may be uncomfortable about giving the funeral a personal touch that reminds others of weddings. Others, however, see this particular detail as a means of indicating that the spirit is now free.

Floral Arrangements

Full services include floral arrangements. This way, it is easier to have them arranged in the chapel area provided by the same funeral home. Call it a package deal of sorts. There is no need for the family of the deceased to contact third party florists separately, unless the funeral home recommends them.

Playing of Music (Bagpipes)

Music provides additional feeling. So, full funeral services should include the sound of music, more likely the playing of bagpipes, especially during the lowering of the body into the ground. Again, it is possible that some families may opt not to avail of this, but a reputable funeral home would at least offer this.

Provision of Additional Pallbearers

Some families do not have enough willing and able bodies to carry the casket during the final procession, so they may need to hire additional pallbearers to assist those who have been chosen among family and friends. Again, this is a service provided by funeral homes.

Procuring of Death Certificate

In relation to the first point, in which vital documents are obtained, the death certificate is yet another – if not the most – important document after a person has died. The funeral home should also assist in the procuring of this certificate, which will be a requirement for the other documents anyway.

Selection of Caskets, Urns, and Vaults

Funeral homes offer various types of funerals. So, they would most likely offer not just caskets, but also urns and vaults. The pricing and how it could be affected by packages should be clearly explained to the family from the beginning of the transactions.