The 12 Effective Off-Page SEO Strategies That Every Website Should Use

Let us share what we think are the 12 most effective off-page search engine optimization strategies that every website should include in their online marketing plans.


Blogging and SEO will always go hand in hand because blogs are the best example of search engine optimized web pages, and SEO is the basic principle behind web content writing in the form of blog. The best part is blogging is easy to do with or without the technical know how of internet marketing.

Professional bloggers earn a living simply by writing what they love or know best. Now even corporate websites allot an entire section for reader-friendly blogs. We will definitely see more businesses enter the world of blogging for the added traffic.

2.Photo Sharing

Everybody loves interesting and entertaining photos. Who doesn’t? Facebook flourished with photo sharing capabilities, and then Instagram stood out as an exclusive photo sharing site. Now, Pinterest is the golden standard for photo sharing and millions of visitors frequent the website just to see photos of different uses.

Create your own account on these websites and start shooting your own photos. There are also companies like us that create media content for websites, and then take care of the publicity afterwards.

3.Community Creation

Everyone has their own communities online. These are networks of friends or people with common interests. You see them in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. Although your website is your primary channel in communicating with your target readers, most internet users still stay longer in social media sites, which is exactly why you should try to penetrate their cliques.

4.Forum Posting

When it comes to organic content publishing, nothing beats forum posting. Notice that search engines rank online forums really high, usually on the first page of search engine results pages. Why?


Search engines prefer raw data that comes across naturally—not padded by keywords and bombarded by irrelevant hyperlinks.As online forums are formed through natural discussion, search engines also consider them as natural sources of information.

You subsequently gain traffic by putting an inbound or resource link on your signature and profile.

5.Directory Submission

Many SEO experts think that website directories no longer give much weight to ranking as people now prefer readily available information and web documents. However, it cannot be denied that many of these directories sustain high online reputation, which means that getting listed by them adds weight to your own PageRank.

6.Article Submission

Your main goal as you publish new blog posts is to gain syndication and subsequently, go viral. It will be a lot easier for you to reach more readers if article directories help you with the dissemination.

Some article directories collect fees, but you can use the free ones for the same benefit. It is much better if you choose directories that only cater to a specific niche, like yours, for higher conversion.

7.Link Exchange

You can make a deal for an organic cross-linking (natural linking determined by relevance) to increase your external cross links. However, this should be done with caution as search engines may mistake it as link dropping with the use of link farms. They penalize websites that employ black hat SEO strategy, so only reputable websites with high Google PageRank should be negotiated with.


Cross links from reliable websites are given weight by Google’s Page Rank algorithm. Getting trusted by reputable sites is not an easy task as you need to build your reputation first, which can take time. Most of the time, you have to cross-link to them first and hope that they notice the traffic you are giving them.

You need a lot of reliable contents for this, and you need to find the relevant websites to your own contents.

9.Local Listing

Some call it local listing while some still think of Yellow Pages. They are no longer the same, but who cares if you can employ both anyway?

Getting listed on Yellow Pages is a permanent bookmark for you as people still trust it as the first line of reference when looking for contact. Local listings, on the other hand, are no longer “local” in a sense but search engines with international reach through Google Maps, Google Local, and Yahoo Local.

10.Press Release Promotion

SEO and publicity meet best with press release promotion. PR remains as one of the most credible and straightforward news source. Media organizations and indexing websites are also most likely to pick up your update when received in a press release form.

For faster promotion, submit your press releases to directories that have wider networks.

11.Classifieds Submission

If you think that online classified ads are dead, think again. Craigslist still attracts huge traffic and by far is still the most trusted classified ad today.

What’s really good here is that it provides you with targeted audiences that are easy to convert. Your ads can be very specific, and the cost is far less than what you would shell out for a PPC enrollment.

12.RSS Directories Submission

Submission to these directories is an important strategy as many internet users continue to subscribe to feeds to keep them updated on different contents. These feeds include alerts, needs, blog updates, system changes, and anything that you choose to enroll upon registration.

For this matter, it is a must to keep your RSS feed open to subscription all the time. We also create and manage contents for updates via RSS feeds.

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