How to Stand Out and Be an Effective Article Writer

You might be wondering what sets apart a good writer from the rest. You can distinguish a good writer from a bad writer by the kind of the article that they create. One obviously writes quality work and the other writes an inferior piece of work. There are other qualities that an article writer should have to stand out from the crowd. Read on to find out the things that make up a quality article.


One indication of a quality article is the level of research the writer has put on it. You can instantly tell if the writer is interested in the topic and knows it well. As a writer, it is your responsibility to provide your audience with high quality articles with informative content – something that they can learn from beyond the surface. A lot of readers aim at purchasing a product or service, but until they figure out why they need it, they may not be encouraged to take action. Information content explains the situation to the customer, thus it will help you make the sale.article-writing-services

Quality online articles have informative content to a certain extent. However, blogs must offer even more specific content that caters to educated readers and a particular industry. As a professional article writer, you must write from the standpoint of a well-read audience, so you should incorporate more news-oriented details on a topic.

Create a Title or Heading that Catches the Eye

In particular tabloid newspaper writers are skilled at this. Just by looking at the front page, a person can decide between a newspaper and another because of a catchy headline. This is not different from writing an online article. The best writer has the ability to create eye-catching headlines that can entice internet users to click on a link and read through it.

Catch the Attention of Your Target Audience

Once you have caught the eye of your audience, the next step is to make them interested in the article. There is no other way to get a person to read until the end of the article, but to evoke their interest in the first paragraph. It is a well-established fact that any kind of association, whether through a certain knowledge with a subject or personal acquaintance, would raise interest in the subject. The very first thing that an article writer has to establish is to provide a common connection.

Conversational Writing

Effective article writing is not only about giving out news. You must also write something that is sales-friendly and encourages the audience to take action. Establishing a “hook” is the basic formula of article writing. That hook is something that catches interest; you would then expand on that idea, and add a call to action in your article. Without call to action, your reader might not act, and this kind of reader is not someone you want.

A professional writer will do their best to write in a conversational manner, and when fitting, emotionally. Connecting with the readers and inspiring them to take action is a proven way to make sales.

Choosing a Topic of Interest

There are two ways in picking the topic for your article. One would be a general interest and the other is targeted at a specific audience. General interest could be something that everyone can relate to, such as topics that are in the news and do-it-yourself tips. If you decide to write an article for a specific audience, you need to determine your niche and stick to that topic.

Grammar and Spelling

This may seem really obvious, but this is actually one of the most important aspects of writing in general. In fact, the best writers are really cautious about this. There are a lot of websites that frowned when someone uses the English language badly. Typo errors and bad grammar would be noticed almost in an instant. This can also be a cause for a person to immediately close the page and just make another search on the topic. To avoid this, an effective article writer uses a ‘Word’ program, and then goes through their work by checking it for any mistake before posting it online. On the other hand, a bad writer usually writes directly on their website without editing their work.

Reading Your Work Out Loud

What makes language even more interesting is that it can also be considered as a kind of music. If you always find yourself sitting in front of your computer, intensely whispering to the monitor, and repeating your words back to yourself, then you are very well on your way to being an effective writer. This might look odd and the people in your surroundings might be alarmed, but professional writers do not mind at all. They still do it because it is effective.

Personal Touch

Most of the time, writing is all about creating something from the heart. If you show a genuine interest in the subject, then you can communicate a truthful perspective. There may be times that others would not agree with your opinion, but what you write would be an honest point of view, and honesty is really important.

Looking back at all the points in this article, you may notice that none of them could stand alone. If you want to be an effective article writer, do not just take one of these elements and stick to it. You must subconsciously combine all these qualities and they must be rooted in all articles that you create regardless of the topic. has a full service team of article writers, press release writers, SEO team, and advanced submitters.