The enjoyment that people experience nowadays is brought about by continuous technological research and improvement. The most evident benefit of improvement to people is comfort not only in their work, but also in their everyday lives. With the existence of appliances, simple machines, vehicles and vessels, computers and laptops, smart phones and tablets, and other electronic devices, life in general has become easier. For instance, before, it takes a few months before a letter is sent from one place to another, but now, the same activity takes only a few seconds to complete. This kind of benefit will not exist without these electronic devices, but even the latter will not exist if platforms known as printed circuit boards (PCBs) are absent.

Printed circuit boards are thin boards made of fiberglass on which electric components such as microchips, wires, hardware cards, and integrated circuits are attached. The boards can also be made of glass reinforced plastic with printed circuits using copper tracks. The components are attached to these boards by drilling and soldering them in place, then the printed copper tracks link these components, forming a system called a circuit. These boards support and electronically connect these components through conductive pathways that are printed on. They also connect these electrical components and allow the transmission of signals and power through them. They are also known as printed wiring boards or printed wiring cards, basically because of the printed framework in the board which guides electricity to flow onto these electric components.

Printed circuit board

Printed circuit boards may come single-layered for simple electric devices. They may also come multi-layered for complicated electronic devices such as computers and laptops. They are usually associated with the latter because of the motherboard inside them, but it is incorrect to say that only computers have these boards. They are, in fact, used in many electronic devices such as televisions, cameras, radios, cellular phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and a lot more. Almost all electronic devices have such boards installed; without PCBs, devices will not work because electricity is unable to flow into them. These boards are also used in vehicles nowadays, especially those which can play music through the use of Bluetooth technology, and those which can warn the driver in cases where collision is imminent. site are important because these give life to electronic devices. Similar to the circulatory system of the human body, they transport electricity to the different electric components, so that the device where those are attached will work. Without these boards, electric components will have no platform to stay on, and even if electricity will flow into these devices, they will not properly work because these components work independently and will be without a system to integrate with. Signals and power will not be transmitted to these electrical components if these boards are not in the device. Also, these boards are essential in some devices because these serve as the platform for the device itself. For instance, tablets and cellular smart phones will not exist if these boards are not present because their frames depend on these boards which serve as their platform.

Though they may look like large microchips with no relevance at all, printed circuit boards are as important as the circulatory system of the human body, without which, power and signal will not be transported to electric components. These boards play a major role in the comfort experienced by people, simply because ultimately, they serve as the heart of everyday comfort. All in all, PCBs essentially give life to electronic devices that have contributed in providing the benefit of convenience.

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