Golf Equipment 101 – Tees and Covers

Golf equipment is not just about golf clubs and golf balls. There are so much more items that a player can use to improve his game. There are even some items that can help maintain other pieces of equipment. Other people may think of them as worthless, but, once they have used those, they found out that even the little things can make a difference in golf. Every item made for golf is there for a reason. Golf is one of those sports that require a lot of equipment. It may seem intimidating, but it is all part of the fun of golf.

golf equipmentOne piece of golf equipment that a player, especially a beginner, may forget about is the tee. Fans may not always see this is in a game, but it is definitely an item that is more important than what a lot of people may think. Golf tees can either be made out of wood or plastic. The wooden ones are less expensive and they are disposable. They are easily damaged and even break during a game. If a player intends to use a wooden tee, he should have a lot of it. There are also tees that are made of plastic. This kind is more expensive than the wooden one, but it is also more durable.

Golf tees are basically a spike with a small cup-like platform to place the ball on.

The purpose of the tee is to stabilize the ball in its place. Its spike is meant to penetrate the soil. It will give a player a much easier time hitting the ball.

The length of the tea may vary depending on what club the player will use. The length ranges from one and a half inches all the way to three and a half inches. The longer ones are the ones that break most frequently because they place the ball in a high position. It is the ideal tee to use for clubs that have lot of weight and power behind them. The shorter one does not break as easily because most of it is buried underground. This is a great tee to use if players do not have to raise the ball as much. This makes it perfect for shots that require a lot of accuracy and precision.

The golf tee is definitely one of the unsung heroes of the sport. Other golf accessories might not be as important as the tee, but they still have their purpose. Another piece of golf equipment that not everybody is aware of is the golf club cover.

As players know, golf clubs are very important in the sport. Those could also be quite expensive. Golfers have to do everything they can to protect their clubs, and make sure that those are well maintained. This is exactly what golf club covers are used for. These covers are similar to a sleeve that goes over the head of a golf club. Clubs end up hitting each other while in the bag, which in turn leads to damage. Golf club covers are a great way to make sure that clubs are safe while they are in the golf bag.

These covers have become more decorated over the years. They have become a way for players to put their own personal touch on their golf clubs. They can also make it a lot easier for players to identify their own clubs. There is no regulation as to what cover a player can use. It is all up to the player.

The golf tee and the club cover are two pieces of golf equipment that can really help a player. These may be small items, but they should not be overlooked.