5 Valid Reasons Why Custom Embroidered Patches are better than Direct Embroidery

People nowadays use patches for a variety of reasons. Gone are the days when patches are just for bike clubs or bikers, the military, and local law enforcement. Patches do come if different shapes, styles, sizes, designs, and color. You can even make your own custom embroidered patches.

There is, however, an ongoing debate whether which is much better, direct embroidery or embroidered patch. Here are 4 valid reasons why choosing patches over direct embroidery is better for you.

Patches Don’t Fade Easily

Ready-made or custom embroidered patches will not fade easily, especially if they are removed from the clothes from time to time before washing. Removing and reattaching patches may be cumbersome at times. However, thanks to iron on adhesive and Velcro backings, patches can now be removed and reattached with ease.

Custom Embroidered Patches

If you own a company and your worker’s uniform have a directly embroidered logo, you might want to start using patches instead. They can just sew the new custom embroidered patches with your company logo on their uniforms and they would be good to go.

New Insignia or Logo

Rank promotions happen in the military all the time. Of course, if your rank changes, so does your uniform insignia. Patches allow for an easy insignia change. Since patches are removable, you can change it anytime without any hassle. The same thing goes for company logos on employee uniforms. Each time a company needs to change their logo, all they need to do is remove the previous one and replace it with the new patch. If their previous logo is directly embroidered on the garment, all they have to do to change the logo is to sew the new patch over it.

Patches Can Be Placed Almost Anywhere

Embroidery machines sometimes have trouble reaching certain spots on the garment which is perfect for logo placement. With patches, however, this is never an issue. Patches can be sewn anywhere on the garment. In addition, patches also offer the same, if not even better quality than direct embroidery. Most sports coaches prefer patches over direct embroidery because of its flexibility. A new player doesn’t even have to wait for a new uniform to start playing. All they do is sew the new patch on an old, but still usable uniform and the new player can use it to play. Custom embroidered patches can also be sewn on a coach’s shirt, players jacket, team hat, etc.

Patches are More Practical and Economical to Use

Patches are undeniably cheaper than any type of direct embroidery. This means that you will be able to save more if you use embroidered patches. This is ideal for small businesses or organizations with limited funds. The funds that they’ll save can be allocated to support other projects or can be offered as bonuses to their employees. Keep in mind that patches are marketing tools. You can make custom embroidered patches that promote your company or small business. Of course, you must come up with a catchy design in order for your patch to get noticed.

Patches come in Different Types

Patch backings do come in different types and it is up to you to choose which one fits your usage and budget. The different patch backings are:

1. Velcro

This is the ideal patch backing to use if you frequently need to remove and reattach the patch on your garment. Velcros are common these days. You see it on bags, pants, jacket, bags, and even wallets. There’s no need for you to sew the patch on the garment each time you want to reattach it. All you need to do is stick it on the area where the Velcro is and that’s it.

1. Standard

This is basically the default backing you’ll find on a patch. It makes use of a thin fabric as a backing material for the patch. Standard backing patches are the ones that usually have to be sewn on the garment.

3. Iron-on

Iron-on patches are very easy to attach. The patch’s back has an adhesive that sticks on the garment when ironed. However, do note that not all garments can use iron-on patches. Garments made of nylon, polyester, leather, and silk gets burned when ironed, thus preventing the use of iron-on patches.

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