How to Stand Out and Be an Effective Article Writer

You might be wondering what sets apart a good writer from the rest. You can distinguish a good writer from a bad writer by the kind of the article that they create. One obviously writes quality work and the other writes an inferior piece of work. There are other qualities that an article writer should have to stand out from the crowd. Read on to find out the things that make up a quality article.


One indication of a quality article is the level of research the writer has put on it. You can instantly tell if the writer is interested in the topic and knows it well. As a writer, it is your responsibility to provide your audience with high quality articles with informative content – something that they can learn from beyond the surface. A lot of readers aim at purchasing a product or service, but until they figure out why they need it, they may not be encouraged to take action. Information content explains the situation to the customer, thus it will help you make the sale.article-writing-services

Quality online articles have informative content to a certain extent. However, blogs must offer even more specific content that caters to educated readers and a particular industry. As a professional article writer, you must write from the standpoint of a well-read audience, so you should incorporate more news-oriented details on a topic.

Create a Title or Heading that Catches the Eye

In particular tabloid newspaper writers are skilled at this. Just by looking at the front page, a person can decide between a newspaper and another because of a catchy headline. This is not different from writing an online article. The best writer has the ability to create eye-catching headlines that can entice internet users to click on a link and read through it.

Catch the Attention of Your Target Audience

Once you have caught the eye of your audience, the next step is to make them interested in the article. There is no other way to get a person to read until the end of the article, but to evoke their interest in the first paragraph. It is a well-established fact that any kind of association, whether through a certain knowledge with a subject or personal acquaintance, would raise interest in the subject. The very first thing that an article writer has to establish is to provide a common connection.

Conversational Writing

Effective article writing is not only about giving out news. You must also write something that is sales-friendly and encourages the audience to take action. Establishing a “hook” is the basic formula of article writing. That hook is something that catches interest; you would then expand on that idea, and add a call to action in your article. Without call to action, your reader might not act, and this kind of reader is not someone you want.

A professional writer will do their best to write in a conversational manner, and when fitting, emotionally. Connecting with the readers and inspiring them to take action is a proven way to make sales.

Choosing a Topic of Interest

There are two ways in picking the topic for your article. One would be a general interest and the other is targeted at a specific audience. General interest could be something that everyone can relate to, such as topics that are in the news and do-it-yourself tips. If you decide to write an article for a specific audience, you need to determine your niche and stick to that topic.

Grammar and Spelling

This may seem really obvious, but this is actually one of the most important aspects of writing in general. In fact, the best writers are really cautious about this. There are a lot of websites that frowned when someone uses the English language badly. Typo errors and bad grammar would be noticed almost in an instant. This can also be a cause for a person to immediately close the page and just make another search on the topic. To avoid this, an effective article writer uses a ‘Word’ program, and then goes through their work by checking it for any mistake before posting it online. On the other hand, a bad writer usually writes directly on their website without editing their work.

Reading Your Work Out Loud

What makes language even more interesting is that it can also be considered as a kind of music. If you always find yourself sitting in front of your computer, intensely whispering to the monitor, and repeating your words back to yourself, then you are very well on your way to being an effective writer. This might look odd and the people in your surroundings might be alarmed, but professional writers do not mind at all. They still do it because it is effective.

Personal Touch

Most of the time, writing is all about creating something from the heart. If you show a genuine interest in the subject, then you can communicate a truthful perspective. There may be times that others would not agree with your opinion, but what you write would be an honest point of view, and honesty is really important.

Looking back at all the points in this article, you may notice that none of them could stand alone. If you want to be an effective article writer, do not just take one of these elements and stick to it. You must subconsciously combine all these qualities and they must be rooted in all articles that you create regardless of the topic. has a full service team of article writers, press release writers, SEO team, and advanced submitters.

How to Clean and Store Military Coins

If you are a collector of military coins, you should know how to take care of them. This means that you need to know how to clean and store them properly in order to keep them in mint condition. These coins, as you know, are not ordinary coins. They are especially valuable if you got them as a reward for your public service. For more information about military coins visit to

If you are an amateur collector, you should probably just leave your coin collection alone. Cleaning your coins the wrong way may damage them and lower their value. However, if they have become dirty, you will need to clean them. Just make sure that you are very careful so as not to damage them.

When cleaning the coins, you need to use warm water and a mild cleaning solution. You can use a dish washing soap, for instance. Also, see to it that you only use your hands to clean the coins. You should not use a brush or cloth unless you want to leave microscopic scratches on your military coins and subsequently lower their value.

You also have to be gentle. You should never rub the coins in a rough manner. Instead, you should rub their surfaces with the pad of your finger. Start at the center and move your finger in a circular motion. Be careful not to rub the coins too much. When you are done, you should rinse them under running water from your faucet before rinsing them in distilled water.

military coins

Finally, you should lay down your coins on a paper towel or cloth and allow them to dry naturally. You should never use a silver polisher or tarnish remover to clean your coin collection. These cleaning solutions contain ingredients that can strip the coins of their natural oxidizing properties. So if you use these products to clean your coins, your coins will get damaged and reduce or even lose their value.

Aside from knowing how to clean your military coins, you should also know how to store them. See to it that you keep them away from external factors that may be harmful to their condition.

Copper, gold, and silver coins are especially at risk of corrosion if exposed to moisture, water, etc. Any degree of humidity or dampness can also be damaging to iron coins. Corrosive by-products can accumulate on their surfaces and make the corrosion process much quicker. Hence, you need to keep your coin collection in a clean, dry place to maintain their pristine condition.

In addition, you should keep your military coins away from polluted areas. Organic acids and other airborne pollutants, such as hydrogen sulphide, can be present in the atmosphere; when your coins are exposed to these elements, they can tarnish easily. This is especially true for silver and copper coins.

It is ideal to store your coins individually with the use of coin holders known as flips. These coin flips will let you protect and store your coins while still being able to identify them easily and quickly. You can use flips made with vinyl or Mylar, an archival-safe material. As much as possible, you should avoid coin flips made with polyvinyl chloride due to their corrosive properties.

Aside from coin flips, you can also use coin holders, coin folders, coin boxes, coin cases, snap-lock cases, coin display cases, and coin slabs. Keep in mind that storing your military coins properly is crucial if you want to protect them against moisture, sunlight, temperature, oil, weight, and scratches.

See to it that the coins fit their holders well, especially if you are using plastic holders or airtight containers. Wooden cabinets and paper holders are not recommended to be used as storage because of their acidic properties that can cause corrosion.

Things You Need to Learn to Become a Motivational Speaker

If you have considered being a motivational speaker and you do not have any idea where to start things, you may want to regard some of the things below in starting your speaking career. It will definitely take some time and lots of work to build your name in the industry, but with the proper preparation and hard work, your path to success is possible.

•Expertise on the subject

Being a motivational speaker requires not only delivering a specific topic, you should also be able to discuss wide areas of possible subjects that can inspire people. In order to achieve that, you have to be updated with current events. You will need to read and research more on other subjects you want to talk about. This is crucial especially at the start of your speaking career. If you think your material is not good enough, then don’t do it. Otherwise, this might just work against you.

Motivational Speaker

Experience also plays an essential part in making your speech motivational. If you have a passion on certain topic and you have a great experience that you can share to others, then it will be much easier for you to talk about it and impart that enthusiasm to people.

Knowledge on the subject also means that your speech’s substance is of immense significance to your audience. How can you achieve that? Make sure that your content is applicable and relevant.

•Take Classes and Courses

You will be surprised to know that there are courses conducted to specifically cater to individuals aspiring to be a motivational speaker. You can take these courses at the comfort of your own home. Knowing the right things to do when conducting a speech, obtaining the right skills and utilizing appropriate techniques to promote yourself are just some of the things you will learn in the course.

You can also take classes in public speaking. You may be good in speaking to a large crowd but attending a class can help build your confidence and mold you into an effective speaker. Some colleges in your local community offer public speaking courses.

•Improve your writing

You are well aware that being a motivational speaker entails excellent communication skills. Not only will you be standing and speaking in front of the crowd but you will also need a coherent, relevant and substantive material which will be the very core of your speech.

Some of the known motivational speakers are also great writers. If you want to improve your writing skills, you can attend courses that will help your writing capabilities. Also, continuous practice will award you with experience and improvement.

With the popularity of blogs nowadays, you can share your thoughts and experience and write about it. Commit in updating your blog every day.

If you think you have a good material, you can take this chance to publish your work. When people are impressed with what you have written, opportunities in speaking will be promising.

•Review your speech

So you now have your writing skills polished and you have created a high-quality content. Next thing you can do is to gather feedback. Although you can ask from your family and friends at the initial stage, it is best that you solicit objective feedback from those working in the same field. They know better about the do’s and don’ts in speaking.

You can also record your speech to make sure you get an idea of how you present yourself as a motivational speaker. By watching it again and again, you can observe the things you can work on. Maybe you want to get rid of some mannerisms and unnecessary body language.