Southern Snow

View at the east edge of the property

View at the east edge of the property

our little road

our little road



It doesn’t snow every year in my neck of the woods, so we get a little excited when the white stuff starts falling.  So far, we have about 2 inches on the ground.  It’s just enough to make the roads disappear.  I just love the way snow transforms the mundane into something magical.

The 12 minute drive to get home from work took an hour and there were cars slipping and sliding everywhere.  Most of the sliding could have been prevented if the drivers had been a little lighter on the gas pedal, but inexperience and impatience prevailed.  Large trucks blocked roads for long periods of time because they couldn’t get enough traction to make it up the hilly terrain.  Smaller cars also had trouble managing the slippery slopes.  I couldn’t help muttering, “I love my truck.”

People on makeshift sleds were everywhere along the sides of the roads having a blast while the white-knuckled motorists inched along.  Once I got home I rushed to get out of my scrubs and into my boots so I could feel the crunchy fluff under my feet and snap a few shots of this fleeting wonderland.  It might be the only chance I have for a whole year!  Candie and Sadie loved playing in the soft white stuff too.  They chomped at it, rolled in it, and plowed through it like they’d lost their little minds!  Silly old pups!


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2 responses to “Southern Snow

  1. Linda O

    Nothing more beautiful than the what stuff!

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