I Finally Have My Bees!

home with beesVisit the Wild Garden Burbstead.com to read about the bees that are living it up in the Top Bar hive I built.  I condensed and re-posted my old posts from this blog about building the hive in parts #1 and #2.  Then, it part #3 I share the harrowing experience of having a bee caught under my bonnet!

And please note that I’ll stop posting on this site soon.  If you would like to continue following my adventures, please follow me at my Wild Garden Burbstead.com site and/or my Gina Gaines.com site.

Read About My Moldy Mishap

Come on over to The Wild Garden Burbstead and read about my “Moldy Mishap” while remodeling the kid’s bedroom!

Remodeling a Kid’s bedroom

To read about this project, go to wildgardenburbstead.com . I will no longer publish new posts on Gina’s Inspirations.  But I will continue to notify you that there is a new post on either of my new “.com” sites for a few more weeks.  If you enjoy the stories about building our burbstead, permaculture, gardening, and frugal living, you can follow me at the Wild Garden Burbstead site.  You can also follow me at ginaagaines.com for arts and crafts, herbals, recipes and personal reflections. I hope to continue “seeing” you at either, or both, of my new blogging sites!

Worrisome Widgets

Some of these worrisome widgets wear me out!  My new Wild Garden Burbstead blog posts won’t show up in this sidebar.  So, I’ll just be posting little notes that will direct you there.  The last post was about the creation of our little burbstead.  I’ll be getting my bees soon and will hopefully post another update soon.  The new roof is almost finished, so updates on the bedroom remodel will also be reported.  I look forward to “seeing” you at my new blogs!

Well…… wouldn’t you know it…..  now that I’ve published this post, the widget seems to be working!  Maybe it was “shamed” into action.  HA!

New Post at Gina Gaines.com

I’ve published a new post titled Family at ginagaines.com.  You can also see excerpts from my new website in the right sidebar that you may enjoy.  I look forward to “seeing” you there!

How to Build a Barn Owl Nest

Gina Gaines:

Great idea!

Originally posted on Permaculture Hamilton:

Baby barn owls nesting on a bridge, courtesy of the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Baby barn owls nesting on a bridge, courtesy of the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Below is a link to an excellent article by Anita Stone for Modern Farmer Magazine, on how to build a barn owl box for natural rodent control:

How to Build a Barn Owl Nest – Modern Farmer.

Last weekend, my long-suffering husband taught me how to use a reciprocating saw. He has created a monster. I am also armed with a smokin’* 11-year-old electric drill that I won as a contestant at The Red Green Show in Toronto, signed by Steve Smith himself. This barn owl box will soon be added to my collection of existing boxes for bats, toads, mason bees, worms, lacewings, and ladybugs. For some unaccountable reason, my drug-dealing neighbours — the source of said rodents — disapprove of my collection, particularly when they partake of their own wares, or are…

View original 28 more words

Timing is Everything

I've built two beds about 30-40 feet long and 4 feet wide.  Candy and Sadie didn't want to miss a photo op!

two hugelkultur beds about 30-40 feet long and 4 feet wide

Wow, where do I begin?  Spring is always a busy time of year, but this one is mushrooming into a real bugger!  Just wanted to update you all in case my blogging starts to suffer any more than it already has. First of all, there’s the usual stuff, like holidays and birthdays and graduations.  And we have plenty of those going on from middle school to college, which will require a trip out of state.  The new hugelkultur garden beds 1doneare constructed and planted, so now it’s time for pest control and watering and such.  No big deal.  I’ve located a fellow about an hour away that will have a nuc of bees soon.  Just praying the bees and out-of-town graduation don’t coincide, or that the fellow will be willing to hold a nuc for me.  These exciting developments were expected and I thought I’d have time to squeeze in the changes I’m making to my blogging routine with only a little interruption.

the clear-cut lot

the clear-cut lot

Then, the young man who didn’t make it back to finish clearing the lot between me and my neighbor has promised to come this month.  When he comes, the clearing of weeds and debris will set off an inescapable chain reaction of grading and landscaping that I’ll be required to throw a wad of cash at, as well as time and labor, if I want to keep my house from flooding again.  It will also create my window of opportunity to purchase that little strip of land.  So, even though it will be quite a bit of extra work, I really wanted to be excited about it.  I mean I am excited about it.  You know what I mean.

They're a little older now, but just as cute!

They’re a little older now, but just as cute!

While I was wrapping my brain around the logistics of getting all the above items crammed into a short window of decent weather, another unexpected event unfolded.  My daughter and two granddaughters will be moving in with us the first week of June.  Thankfully we have a three bedroom home.  The smaller bedroom had been used for storage, but once we move all that stuff into a storage unit, it should serve as an adequate space for my daughter.  The other bedroom is larger and is the one my granddaughters use when they spend the weekend.  It was already beginning to get a little cramped, even for short term visits.  But now that they will be living in there, it will need to be gutted and remodeled.  We’ve all become painfully aware that 7-year-old-my-little-pony and 11-teen-metamorphosis cannot peacefully co-exist for long periods of time.  So, I’ve got to figure out a way to give them separate spaces in an 12 x 13 foot room.  To

guess I'd better pull out my trough and putty knives

guess I’d better pull out my trough and putty knives

exacerbate matters, the room has two exterior walls that are not insulated, so it’s difficult to heat and cool.  The only time we open the vent in that room is when the girls visit, so it hasn’t been a priority to correct the problem.  Time to modify the priority.  We built a storage shed about three feet from one of those walls with the intention of removing the window facing it… eventually.  Now that eventually has arrived, we’ll need to pry that sucker out of there and board up the gaping hole it will leave behind. Might as well, since I have to remove all of the sheet-rock and insulate the walls anyway, right?   Also, there had been a leak in the closets some time in the past, because they smell very moldy.  The girls have allergies and have been forbidden to open the closet doors.  Guess what I’ll need to do about that! So, it looks like the blog will be switching gears again.  I promise to keep you updated about the garden and the bees while all of this is going on.  And you’ll get to “enjoy” my bedroom remodel as well.  I will still be preparing to move this blog over to the new one with the better “.com,” but I’ve renewed this domain for another year so I wouldn’t be so pressed for time.  The GinaGaines.com domain will be used for the “artsy crafty stuff” and the “jus’ sayin'” categories as well as encouragement and personal musings so that my burbstead blog will have a more specific content…  eventually.  As always, life is wonderfully full and fully unpredictable.  So remind me to exhale and enjoy the ride!

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